"From now on, you are going to be my dupioni silk source. I couldn't be happier. I've never seen such beautiful dupioni silk."

Designers Needs is a family-owned business. The textile business generations ago started in India specifically in the western part in a city called Ahmedabad. A few families started textile mills built in those days by transporting textile machinery by bullock carts. One of the families that started one textile mill in Ahmedabad was called Shodhan. This family last name literally means "the discovery". At that time, the textile mills in Ahmedabad mainly dealt with cotton.
After immigrating to the US, my mother started a textile business catering to quilters and fiber artists here in the US. She did this for 30 years so I, Shomi, always grew up seeing the best textiles from India and I developed a love for beautiful textiles!
Doing many trade shows here in the USA, I also developed a love for the designer clientele because I have always felt they are very warm and trustworthy! So now in my mid-30s, I am now offering something beautiful to the people I love to interact with hoping to "satisfy the designer in you!"

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